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Utility Industry Competence

Utility Industry Competence

SAPSOL   Technologies understands the utility process and has extensive expertise in this area . We partner with the major industry players and provide enterprise grade solutions and proof-of-concept to the end clients and have successfully worked with the top tier utility companies.

SAPSOL has extensive in-house innovation lab to innovate and identify creative ways of solving customer challenges and providing timely solutions with root cause analysis (RCA).We have developed extensive database of issues and challenges faced by the utility sector . Our consultants are regularly updated on the new and emerging industry specific enhancements as well as technological advancement like in-memory technology as well as cloud solutions.

Our consultants specialize in all the core areas of utility sector and have extensive experience with the top utility companies across the world.

  1.  Master Data and Basic Functions ( BP, Contracts, Installation ID, Pricing Conditions etc.)
  2. Customer Services ( CCS ) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Work Management and Workflow Management.
  4. Device Management (DM/AMI) – Smart meter technology (iTron) , Device Installation , Meter reading ,Inspection/certification of device, move-in and move –out changes, work orders and interfaces using PI/MDUS.
  5. Billing & Invoicing ( IDE and Biller direct)- consolidated billing, deposits, credit management,
  6. Dunning and cash flow management.
  7. Energy Data Management (EDM) and data optimization – profile management, RTP billing,
  8. Settlement and scheduling.
  9. Contract Accounts ( FICA)- business partner mapping, contracts , device ID and pricing.
  10. HCM – Personnel   Administration, Personnel Development, Time Management and Payroll.
  11. Success factor solutions and migration from on –premises .

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